Catbird Seat Marketing has expertise in key marketing activities that will help to build your business.


Marketing Plans

Brand Development

Social Media

Public Relations


Advertising & Sponsorship

Event Management


Answering “no” to any of the questions below will identify areas where we can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities and achieve your business goals.

Are you planning out your marketing activities and investments strategically, on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis?

Marketing Plans - Rather than reacting to opportunities one-off, plan them out and leverage your budget and efforts for the biggest impact.

Catbird Seat Marketing can develop a strategic plan, annual or other duration, identifying which marketing tools and tactics will best help you achieve your goals. 

Are you representing your business in a consistent and appropriate way to reach your target customers?

Brand Development - A cohesive and appropriate brand representation across all of your customer touch points, including your website, packaging, collateral, and signage, helps increase the impact of all of your marketing activities. 

Catbird Seat Marketing can help you establish brand guidelines and identify opportunities for further development in brand image, tone, products and offers.

Are you taking advantage of the abundant and inexpensive online tools available to build awareness for your business and relationships with influencers? 

Social Media - You can positively expose your brand and products or services to thousands of targeted prospects in a matter or days, even hours, by using social media tools correctly. While most social media use is free, it can be time consuming and the number of tools available can be overwhelming.

Catbird Seat Marketing can advise on which tools will work best for you and develop a social media strategy for your business.  We can also manage your social media tools for you, create messaging, and represent your brand online.

Are you investing in advertising in a thoughtful way, leveraging other marketing efforts to increase the impact of each message? 

Advertising & Sponsorships - If you’re already investing or plan to invest in advertising and/or sponsorships, ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Catbird Seat Marketing can assess your current activities, recommend optimal advertising tools and sponsorship opportunities, negotiate agreements, and manage development of advertising and sponsorship messaging and creative.

Are you holding brand appropriate and cost-effective grand opening or special events that achieve your goals? 

Event Management – Done correctly and efficiently, events can be an extremely effective way to build awareness and traffic for your business.

Catbird Seat Marketing can help you establish realistic event goals and develop and execute well-orchestrated and well-publicized events, without spending a fortune. 

Are you developing loyal customers with consistent, value-added communications? 

Communications – Communications that add-value, and are delivered in an appropriate way, can provide your business with a strong base of loyal customers and brand evangelists.

Catbird Seat Marketing can identify opportunities to communicate with your customers and prospects efficiently and effectively.  From developing and executing methods of securing customer contact information to creating and distributing communications, we can handle it all.

Are you securing free media mentions for your business activities and company news? 

Public Relations – With the right approach and the right contacts, public relations can be a powerful and inexpensive tool for building your business.

Catbird Seat Marketing can identify PR topics of interest for your business, create press releases, media kits, and other outreach materials, and distribute to and follow up with media contacts on your behalf. 


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